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South Coast Business and Community Highlights

Welcome to South Coast, a beautiful region in New South Wales, Australia that features the best of both business and community. This region is home to a diverse range of industries and establishments, coupled with a vibrant community that takes pride in its cultural heritage and environmental sustainability.

Businesses in the South Coast region are known for their innovation and exceptional service delivery. The region is home to several prestigious companies that have made significant contributions to their respective industries. These companies include:

1. Bega Cheese – This company is a leading producer of cheese and other dairy products in Australia. Bega Cheese continues to grow, investing in new technology and expanding its product range.

2. Oyster Coast – Oyster Coast is an industry leader when it comes to the production and export of Sydney Rock Oysters. Their commitment to quality and sustainability has helped them build a reputation as one of Australia’s premier oyster producers.

3. Shoalhaven Starches – This company produces high-quality industrial and food-grade starches, primarily from corn. Their products are used in various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and paper production.

In addition to these businesses, the South Coast region has a thriving small business community that supports the local economy. Many of these businesses offer unique products and services, showcasing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the region’s residents.

Outside of business, the South Coast region boasts a vibrant community that is culturally diverse and environmentally conscious. The region is home to several museums and galleries that celebrate the rich history and contemporary art of the area. Visitors can also enjoy exploring the region’s national parks, beaches, and other natural attractions.

The region’s sense of community is further strengthened through the many events and festivals held throughout the year, such as the Berry Agricultural and Horticultural Show, the Shoalhaven Jazz Festival, and the Kiama Art Trail.

the South Coast region of New South Wales is a beautiful and vibrant area, featuring exceptional businesses and a thriving community. Whether you’re exploring the region’s natural wonders, sampling its local produce, or attending a cultural event, you’re sure to feel the warmth and hospitality of this beloved community.

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Murrays Beach in Booderee National Park on the South Coast
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